Sunday, September 26, 2010

Author Rachel Stolle and Aunt Lou Books

I will be featuring interesting and talented authors that I am meeting since publishing my children's book, Ashi's Gift.

This week I am showcasing Rachel Stolle, author of  "Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou?", a Christian Children's Book published by Publish America and released this summer.

Rachel Stolle was born in a small East Texas town called Atlanta.  Her family relocated to the tiny town of Gray, Texas when she was four years old.  Gray is such a small community that it does not even have its own schools or post office for that matter.   She commuted a 50 mile round trip each day to attend school in nearby historic Jefferson, Texas. 

Jefferson was the riverport to the southwest and today is known as the "bed and breakfast capital" of Texas.  It is located on Big Cypress Bayou in the Cypress Valley of Northeast Texas.  It is the County seat for Marion county (Texas) named for Francis Marion, a Revolutionary War Patriot who was known as the "Swamp Fox."   Jefferson was named for Thomas Jefferson, and was conceived as a port city by Allen Urquhart and Daniel alley, who saw its potential as the head of navigation when they prepared a plan for
the town site in 1841.

Rachel has always felt a tug at her heartstring to take pen to paper and write.  Even though she has published her first Christian children's book entitled, "Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou?", she still does not consider herself a writer, but thinks her acceptance of that title will come with time.  It all seems very surreal to her, but she is loving every minute of it!

Rachel's professional and educational background includes graduating with honors from Jefferson Independent School District in 1999.  She is a Baylor University graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology.  She has 3 years of private Christian high school teaching experience.  She has taught grades 7-12 in subjects such as IPC, Anatomy and Physiology honors, earth science, life science and even theatre.  She has directed several one-act and full length plays such as The Importance of Being Earnest, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Ugly Duckling, Happily Never After and I Never Saw Another Butterfly.

She is currently a preschool teacher at a local Christian preschool and a staff writer for Poetic Monthly Magazine.

Rachel Stolle is on a one woman mission to spread the message of hope, healing and love offered freely to us by our Heavely Father. Her first work titled, "Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou:"  is especially near and dear to her heart. 

She is an incestual molestation survivor. She survivied 11 intermittent years of abuse at the hand of a distant family member.  "Why Did This Happen to Me, Aunt Lou?" is written as a tool for parents of abused or traumatized children to help their children heal and understand that God is by their side. 

This is not Rachel's only message.  She is currently working to coordinate a series of books that feature her signature character, Aunt Lou.  Aunt Lou, as everyone knew her, was a caring, Godly woman who devoted her life to service and the Lord.  Louise passed away in September of 2009.  She suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

The entire series of books will be titled  Aunt Lou's Kitched and feature titles such as "Tell Me About Easter, Aunt Lou", "Why Do Our Loved Ones Die, Aunt Lou", and "Tell Me About Christmas, Aunt Lou."  Her aim is to help parents integrate God and scripture into the everyday explanations they give their children.

Rachel is inspired to write by her life experiences and her faith.  As soon as she was born, God never left her side.  He guided her through economic hardships, sexual abuse, an attempted kidnapping turned carjacking and years of spiritual warfare.  While she does choose to keep the details of her childhood sexual abuse private, she does very openly share her experience with the attempted kidnapping back in 2001.

If someone wants to purchase Rachel Stolle's book, they can find it on her personal website

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