Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring Therapies that are a Breeze

Now that Ashi is getting older we do 'cooler stuff' for therapy. She is now able to identify feelings that warn of an impending meltdown. She can tell me when we need a break from school and even when she's feeling a tad bit emotional as those hormones begin to kick in.

Here's some easy, breezy, activities we've been doing:

1.) Flying kites. We live in Kansas and the wind always blows here. What a great way to put it to use! Not only is kite flying relaxing, but holding, winding, and letting out string at just the right time strengthens hands, fingers, arms, and takes coordination. It works the core when a nice strong wind blows too. Ashi runs as the kite flaps fiercely behind her!

2.) Painting toe nails. Either outdoors for fresh air and sunshine or indoors on a rainy day, this is great OT in just a pinch of time. It's hard to operate that tiny brush! I do Ashi's nails and then she does mine (and my feet!) It works hands and fingers and what's really shocking is that it is difficult to tell our feet apart! I can actually fit into Ashi's newest pair of crocs. Crazy!

Photo by Life Fad
3.) Of course, one of the easiest ways to get outside, soak up some vitamin D, relax, do OT, work the core, and exercise all the senses is to plant a garden. Planting veggies, fruits, trees, and flowers is a never ending education. You can study varieties of foods, flowers, soils, bugs, etc. If you can't plant a garden outside, plant one inside! You can even do flowers - grow tulip bulbs in a glass of water, or make an herb garden.  You could also make a wormery (our worms are in our garden now!) or an anthill indoors too.

4.) We have a tree house. This one was made from materials from an old porch and has a home-made ladder. Climbing up and down and having the sensation of being high up off the ground exercises those proprioceptive and vestibular senses. If you don't have one, the hunt for a design and materials, and putting it together makes an excellent project and a great way to spend time with Daddy!

It's super easy to turn everyday activities into relaxation techniques, sensory integration, and occupational therapy. If you have a young autist today, you'll be a pro at it soon enough.

Annie Eskeldson has provided all of the therapy for both of her autists and loves to share ideas with you. She has 3 published children's books about autism that also nurture parents. You can find them in the links around this blog or at

You can visit Izaiah's Scroll for information about biomedical issues.


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