Sunday, January 10, 2016

Look Mom! No More Oral Sensory Issues! (Ashi goes Bio-Med) Part 1

If you follow Izaiah's Scroll then you know we've been full-on bio-med for over two years. Since my eyes have been yanked wide open to the underlying and treatable causes of stimming, sensory issues, social, and behavioral issues (also known as autism), I would be crazy not to treat Ashi along the way.

Because Izaiah's food allergies are so severe and cross-contamination is risky, we've all followed his diet. Ashi has been dairy free for about 8 years and gluten free for just over 2. Through my research I realized her issues (autism) are medical as well. I've deduced them to be yeast and metal poisoning. (Metal poisoning is a different post.)

I've treated yeast issues with probiotics and herbs like: oregano, Pau D'arco, goldenseal, and echinacea. I also cut out sweets. People who know us in real life might do a double take here because Ashi has rarely to never eaten sweets like candy, cookies, or cake. She doesn't eat any of those things.

But, her go-to was raisins and roasted nuts. Both of these feed the wild frenzy of yeast. She would eat a mix of them as a meal, as a snack, as another meal, and so on, and we went round and round with this for years.

Nuts and raisins don't seem like such a bad snack or meal. But they are poison and raisins also stick to teeth causing cavities. More foods to avoid are: any risen bread, desert breads, pasta, chips, dried fruits and sugar. A diet that is rich in foods like pasta, bread, and crunchy stuff is called a 'white diet' and should be stopped. You may not have medical problems at the moment and perhaps you are getting by with therapy. But thinking it will always be like that can be a mistake. Yeast can and will invade every organ of the body, including the brain, and make a person very sick.

Want proof? Attempt to take these foods away and just watch the meltdown that happens. That is not your child. That is not even autism. That is yeast.  Yeast is parasitic in that it takes over it's host and demands to be FED.

What does yeast overgrowth look like?

  • -meltdowns
  • -sensory, sensory, sensory!
  • -tantrums
  • -moody
  • -turning upside down, headstands
  • -abdominal pain, gas, bloating, looking fat, constipation, diarrhea. Child starts with flat stomach in the morning and as the day progresses, it swells.
  • -giddy uncontrollable laughter over nothing funny with disregard for safety. That means laughing while not caring about falling down stairs or running into furniture or falling down. 
The frustration and devastation this has on family life is indescribable and should not be normalized as 'autism'. That is not autism. It is a medical issue and can be solved. For Ashi, the transition to healthy meals and appropriate snacks has been made. And we are never going backward.

She now eats beef, pork, and poultry. All as fresh steak, meatballs, roast, homemade sausage, etc. No nuggets, nothing processed. She eats her meat with a vegetable such as cauliflower, rutabaga, kale, bok choy, parsnips, radishes, etc. She eats them cooked, roasted, and raw. What I'm saying here is that she will eat a variety of foods and any textures. She eats it happily. No tantrums, no meltdown, no finicky issues, no arguing. She eats what she is served. She thanks me for her meal. She eats it with a utensil.

A few things here. (1.) No, she did not just 'grow out of it'. We'd still be rotating nuts and raisins with chicken nuggets if we hadn't made drastic changes.  (2.) No, this wouldn't have 'just happened anyway'. Trust me, we have worked our behinds off for this. Ashi had to be stronger than the yeast, I had to be stronger than Ashi. Oh, the struggle was real and it nearly killed us. And (3.) No. It did not require therapy. And (4.) Yes. Ashi's oral sensory issues were severe. She does not possess any special power that every other oral sensory-riddled, picky eating, rigid autistic child does not have.

What she has is a mother who woke up to the medical issues underlying autism and took charge. Sadly, I should've done this years ago but was deluded that it was 'just autism.'  Baloney!! Don't fall for the lie.This is NOT autism. It is a gut/brain/auto-immune medical issue that can be managed and I hope to one day say least at our house.

While occupational, speech, and some other therapies definitely have benefit, it is most useful after healing the gut and I would go so far to say pointless before healing the gut.  And, in my opinion, behavioral therapy is abuse at it's worst, a band-aid at it's best. And, I'm sick of band-aids. I'm out for a cure.

These are the problems we have solved by fixing her diet:

  • No more Tippy Toe Walking and non stop talking (this was a stim)
  • Increased Concentration and Focus at School.
  • Decrease in Anxiety.
  • No more oral sensory issues. That's right. They are G.O.N.E.
Yeast is a nightmare and the link between the brain, immunity, the gut, and autism is undeniable. It is a man-made disaster of herbicides, pesticides, genetically engineered and processed foods, overuse of antibiotics and vaccines. 

But, we are reversing it in our home, with both kids. I cannot overstate the importance of a good DAN or MAPS or Functional doctor to help guide you. Conventional doctors are great at emergency care but seem unable to provide chronic care for the same diseases they are (willfully or unwittingly...jury is still out) causing. If a doctor can't think outside the money driven box they have been trained in, they are no longer on our dole.

The saddest thing for me to even wrap my brain around is how quickly doctors and parents (!) are to give their children dangerous drugs instead of simply changing the diet. Some parents won't even think of having a conversation that autism is caused by diet and toxins. Yet, they give their children - toddlers even! dangerous drugs with classified neurotoxins as ingredients and detrimental long term side effects. But hey! Let's not talk about those foods. It's unreal. It's brain-washing at it's finest.

Tip #1
If it's too hard to think about what you can't eat, focus on what you can. A meat, a veggie, some fruits sparingly. No dairy, no grains, no sugar.

Yeast die off can be even worse than the yeast itself and I will address that in another post. It's important to know how to manage it because it will cause you to throw in the towel if you're not prepared for it.

Annie Eskeldson is the author of the Ashi's Gift Series found at Ashi's Gift Website  She is very glad the days in the pic to the left are far behind us. We've come a long way!


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